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Dimensional Floor Plans & Photography

Floor Plans for Commercial Real Estate

Our floor plans for commercial real estate include as built floor plans and 360-degree images of your space. We use a lidar scanner and an integrated 360 camera to capture your commercial property with accuracy that meets and exceeds industry measurement standards.

With our system you can send potential tenants on a virtual tour of your listing so they can get the information they need to figure out if the space meets their requirements. 

iGuide Measuring Service
iGuide lidar laser for Commercial Real Estate

The iGuide can save you time and money?

Our photography & iGUIDE measuring services offers a quick and precise way to document your property and share it with potential buyers. 

Our time-of-flight lidar scanneriGUIDE accuracy exceeds industry measurement standards

We will create either a Standard or Premium floor plan – Premium floor plans show fixtures and provide a Virtual Reality option

Potential buyers or tenants get all the essential information in the listing and don’t need to call with small questions.

With our measurement tools, potential buyers and tenants can easily perform space allocation studies.

The data can be uploaded to CAD software with the .DXF files and to Floor Planner. 


Standard provides the information you need to get a thorough understanding of the floor plan layout.

Standard Floor Plans


Premium includes even more details such as appliances and fixtures along with Interactive VR functionality. 

Premium Floor Plan

The following features are included when you order our iGuide floor plan measuring services.

360 degree images, camera icon

360 Degree Images

Visual inspections to identify equipment, check conditions, traversal and access needs, location, identify required equipment.
3 D icon

3D Virtual Environment

Simplify facility navigation. Optimize workload and project locations. Space comparisons (flip to another room to compare features).

Download Icon

PDF, DXF, JPG, SVG floor plans

 Import into space planning software
Import data into CAD or other software such as Floor Planner.
Tag Icon Facility Management Services


Identify furniture, fixtures,  deficiencies in 3d space. Store data link text, images, pdf 

Floor Plans for Commercial Real Estate Measuring

3 Measuring Modes

Measure floor and wall areas  to help determine cost of materials and labor to replace or repair  items such as carpet, and paint.

Share icon


Relay information to stakeholders (contractor, designer, home owners and other parties.

Photography Services

In addition to the floor plans and the 360-degree images that come with the service, we also provide a full range of photography services for your commercial properties. These services include HDR photography, drone / aerial and video. Click below for more info.

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